These small wetlands have long been overlooked for their ecological significance and have traditionally not benefitted from legal protection until just recently. The rise in awareness for wetlands and amphibian declines have brought long-overdo attention to these biological showcases. The VERNAL POOL SOCIETY OF VIRGINIA is a growing effort to promote these habitats for study and protection, here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The VPSV is currently a project under the direction of vernal pool champion, Michael S. Hayslett. The efforts of the VPSV include:

**VIRGINIA'S DISAPPEARING PONDS®: a travelling educational outreach bringing presentations, workshops, and lectures to schools and community organizations all across the state.

**VPSV Network, of citizen monitors and vernal pool advocates around Virginia (and beyond), who share their observations, successes, and challenges in the mission to preserve these vanishing wetlands. If you would like to be listed in this database, please submit the contact information that you would like to make available to readers, and be sure to indicate your particular interests or efforts relating to Virginia's Vernal Pools.

**BIOINVENTORY & ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH: locating vernal pools and related habitats, assessing their biological and environmental conditions, documenting these sites, cataloging the above information and depositing it in appropriate state and private databases. The vision to find "all" of these precious sites - anywhere within the boundaries of Virginia - has led to VPSV discovery of over 500 sites in half of Virginia's counties!