1. Virginia Herpetological Society

2. PARC (Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation)

3. HerpDigest (related listserve)

4. Vernal Pool Association of Reading, MA

5. The National Wildlife Federation

6. One of many Fairy Shrimp sites.

7. One of many Wood Frog sites.

8. Account of California vernal pools

9. Do Frogs Survive Winter? - Wood Frogs don't have fur or feathers to keep warm, yet somehow they live through below-freezing temperatures. Find out how this thin-skinned species survives the Arctic winter.

10. Join FrogwatchUSA to help conserve America's frogs and toads.

11. Wood Frog - description and other information on this species.

12. Mole Salamander

13. Rhode Island Vernal Pools - information on the characteristics of vernal pools, how to identify vernal pools, and the species associated with vernal pools.

14. Rhode Island Vernal Pools - using egg-mass counts to monitor wood frog populations.

15. Spotted & Jefferson pictures from Maine - GREAT PHOTOS!!

16. Ontario Vernal Pool Association

17. Photo showing inflated vocal sacs of a male Wood Frog - by Steve Roble, Zoologist with the Virginia Natural Heritage Program